WOW Vapor Cartomizers Top Our List Of Best Cartomizer Line

Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Cartomizers Offer The Best Selection of Flavors And Ultimate Cartomizer Performance

Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Cartomizers Assorted KitI became interested in Vapor4Life with its two-part electronic vaping system when they added vegetable glycerin (VG) to their line. I have always preferred VG as an e-liquid base. This addition made their very comprehensive line (which includes items such as the original , WOW and many varieties of refills) complete in my point of view. However, after I had been using Vapor4Life products for a while and had tried many items I had never thought of before, I would have to say that VG was no longer the #1 attraction for me. There is a lot to like about Vapor4Life products.

I had heard lots of good things about the WOW Vapor Cartomizers. I had also seen some videos online that really got me interested. I wondered if everything I was hearing and seeing was just too good to be true. Could WOW Cartomizers really be that much better than any other?

I Wasn’t Sure I Believed Everything I Heard About WOW Cartomizers

Generally speaking, most cartomizers on the market today are quite good. All of the ones I have tried produce lots of vapor all day long. My experience with two-piece cartomizers has been good overall. That’s why I didn’t really expect the WOW refills to be all that different. They don’t cost much more than others, just about half a dollar more for a five pack, so how could they be as fantastic as the ads say? (The actual cost is $10.50 for a 5-pack.)

Lots of very popular brands of E-Cigarettes use the two-piece system. I think it is a great advancement in vaping. Actually, it seems vaping gets better and better every day. New technology is always coming out, and it just gets more fun and interesting.

The two-piece cartomizer (cartridge/atomizer) is just such a piece of technology. It is so convenient to do refills with this combination. The cartomizer is sealed, so there is no mess. You just unscrew the old one and screw on the new one. Additionally, the amount of liquid a cartomizer can hold is quite a bit more than the old-fashioned three-piece technology could manage, so there is a lot more vapor.

Aren’t All Cartomizers Alike? What Makes WOW Vapor Cartomizers So Special?

Vapor4Life Diamond E Cigarette Batteries - KR808D CompatibleI have been interested in E-Cigarettes since the very beginning. I have collected all of the different kinds of batteries and accessories that have been available at various times. I have always been interested in knowing which accessories will work well together. For this reason, I really wondered whether or not the battery from the very popular two-piece E-Cigarette, KR808D/KR808D-1, (or its generic counterpart) would work with the new vapor4life cartomizers. It’s fairly standard and it works with some other types such as the very popular DSE901.

When I tested it with the vapor4life Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers, I was very happy to find that these batteries work pretty well with them. One thing to keep in mind is that they do work better with the battery that is actually designed for them. When used with their own, specially designed batteries, the airflow and draw is quite a bit better, as is the quantity, quality of the vapor production. Nonetheless, it is nice to know about this in a pinch.

Is WOW Vapor really an appropriate description For What Are Essentially KR808D Cartomizers? Indeed, it is!

Vapor4Life has the greatest and most varied selection of refill cartomizers you will find anywhere. When you compare them with other popular brands that offer up twenty E-Liquid flavors, tops, you will be amazed. Some brands that are really quite good (such as Green Smoke) fall far behind in flavors available. Green Smoke only offers a few flavors and two of them are tobacco! The others are unimaginative in my opinion: Apple, strawberry, chocolate, coffee and menthol. The menthol and coffee flavors come in a few varieties, but nowhere near the kind of variety you will experience with Vapor4Life.

With Vapor4Life, you can choose from a hundred and fifty different flavors in cartomizer refills. You can also choose to purchase your own E-Liquid and create custom blends. You will be amazed at the huge range of choices available in cartomizer refills and in liquids in not only flavor but also color! E-Liquids and refills come in lots of great colors to personalize your vaping experience. Vapor4Life is surely the very best of the vaping equipment and accessory suppliers anywhere.

One thing you are sure to be pleasantly surprised with when you begin vaping is the fact that it is an adventure! It’s not an addiction, like smoking, that has you turning out your hard-earned cash for a “hit” of nicotine and dangerous chemicals that always tastes the same and always gives you the same physical, mental and socially negative side-effects. When you vape, you can have fun exploring new flavors, trying out cutting edge technology, regaining your health, and happily sharing your new habit, hobby and pass-time with your friends and relations. So why pick an E-Cigarette that only offers you a limited number of flavors when you can make the most of your vaping experience with a whole world of exciting and interesting flavors?

With Vapor4Life, you can enjoy a wide range of interesting tobacco flavors with Wowboy WOW Vapor Tobacco Cartomizers as well as very realistic tasting popular brand name tobacco flavors such as Kamel, 555, Hilton, Dunhall, Cuban Cigar, and French Pipe. To sample the tobacco flavors, you can purchase a tobacco shop sampler. There are two types and each has 5 different tobacco flavors for you to try. You can also get the ever-popular RY4 cartomizer. In addition to all this, you can get every fun flavor you could ever imagine: fruit and berry flavors, sodas and liqueurs, cloves, candy flavors, chocolates in a wide assortment. Then there are the specialty flavors, such as WOW Chaco Banana and WOW Chaco Caramel Peanut.

Aside from the fun flavors, you may be tickled to see the rainbow of colors in E-Liquid packaging. Each one has its own unique color. For example, WOWnana is bright yellow! WOW Vapor Peach Cobbler – 11 comes in light pink with a slim, dark orange band. While this may seem a bit silly, you are sure to see the method behind it when you begin collecting E-Liquids. The color coding makes it easy to keep your collection organized and find exactly what you want in a moment.

Accessories also come in lots of fun colors, patterns and designs. Vapor King Batteries and cases are well-known for providing a wide variety of fashionable, creative, and funky designs. This is sure to expand as the vaping hobby becomes more and more popular. Whether you think of Vapor4Life’s unique colors and designs as an organizing system, a fun way to add a little panache to your life, or both, you are sure to agree that the creativity and lightheartedness Vapor4Life brings to vaping really sets it apart from other companies.

On top of all these choices, you will be happy to know that you can take complete control of the amount of nicotine you use. Premium and WOW Vapor Cartomizers come in seven different nicotine strengths: ZERO mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, 11 mg, 24 mg, and even 36 mg. Green Smoke only offers four strengths – ZERO through 18 mg.

Vapor4Life is, without a doubt, the very best supplier of E-Cigarette equipment and supplies on the market today. Not only does this company offer exceptional, choice, variety and quality in merchandise, it offers the very best vaping experience available anywhere. You will not beat the fantastically high quality and volume of the vapor produced by Vapor4Life products.

Are all of Vapor4Life’s products really as good as the WOW Vapor Cartomizers? The Short Answer Is YES…

I wanted to try all of Vapor4Life’s products, so I ordered them all – a complete collection of cartomizers and Vapor King batteries. I got the pass-through and both the manual and automatic batteries. Once I got everything set up, I realized that WOW Vapor Cartomizers had come by their stellar reputation honestly. Once primed, the provided truly impressive performance.

I started out with the WOWnana-24 mg Banana Cartomizer. It was terrific! Now, this was a very small E-Cigarette, yet it produced huge volumes of vapor. That is very satisfying to an avid vaper like me! Not only was there a tremendous quantity of vapor, but it was incredibly high-quality.

When I started vaping, I used the 36 mg E-Liquid. As time has passed, I have reduced my nicotine consumption to 18 and 24 mg E-Liquids. Sometimes the higher nicotine level cartomizers and E-Liquids don’t have very good flavor. It seems to be diluted, so a lower nicotine level actually gives a better vaping experience. However, that was not the case with the WOWnana-24 mg Banana Cartomizer. It was definitely full-flavored. In fact, it is my favorite flavor now!

As I said, I got a full collection of nicotine strengths and flavors. Vapor4Life offers a great sampler collection – 120 cartomizers! I actually haven’t tried them all yet. So far, I have really liked everything I have tried. I have been very satisfied with the lower nicotine levels (11 and 18 mg). They are full flavored and give a good nicotine hit. This is in sharp contrast to a lot of suppliers that seem to dilute their E-Liquids with too much polyethylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG). Of course, these flavorless ingredients have to be used as a base, but it is just cheap to overdo it and ruin the flavor of the product. Vapor4Life hits just the right balance of liquid base (to produce vapor) and flavor + nicotine (to produce satisfaction).

When I started out, I just couldn’t believe that WOW Vapor Cartomizers could be that much better for just a few cents more, but I believe it now! I have been vaping for years, so I am familiar with the inner workings of E-Cigarettes. I decided to tinker around a bit and figure out why these cartomizers performed so much better than any other.

Here’s why WOW Vapor Cartomizers are the best!

Even though, WOW Vapor Cartomizers look pretty much the same as any other cartomizer, there are a few quality differences that add up to greatly improved performance. First, very flexible, rubbery caps are easy to remove and replace for refilling. They provide a tight seal that keeps the cartomizer contents fresh and moist. Other models use hard plastic that doesn’t seal tightly or are simply glued shut so that you can’t refill them. The tube that surrounds the wiring is of a very high quality that allows quite a bit of reuse before you have to replace the cartomizer. This means that you can save money and have fun experimenting by buying E-Liquids or mixing your own to refill your cartomizer.

I was glad to discover all these great things about WOW Vapor Cartomizers, but I didn’t feel as if these little differences could really account for the tremendously better performance they gave. I decided to ask a few questions. I sent an E-Mail to Vapor4Life and got a logical (and rather obvious) response right away.

In the past few years, there have been a number of technical advances in vaping. You may be aware of the fact that there are two kinds of cartomizer: Two-piece and three-piece. Additionally, there is a very popular type of atomizer known as a Low Resistance (LR) atomizer. Generally, LR atomizers don’t last as long as regular atomizers. They work by simulating a higher voltage vaping experience. The voltage heats up the heating coil very quickly and with more intensity. This turns the E-Liquid into vapor faster and produces greater volume of vapor. Well, it turns out the WOW Cartomizers are LR cartomizers. They can use a standard battery to heat up very quickly and produce full, warm, rich vapor.

WOW Vapor Cartomizers - The Best KR808D Low Resistancxe CartomizersAside from that, the WOW cartomizers are filled with a special blend of WOW Liquid. It simply produces a thicker, more satisfying vapor that makes a great first impression and keeps on satisfying.
So, after all is said and done, I can honestly say that Vapor4Life WOW Vapor LR Cartomizers, their fantastic Vapor King Ultimate, and their fabulous and varied selection of extremely high quality WOW Vapor Refill flavors really are better than all the rest. A lot better! When you combine all that with incredibly reasonable prices on the best selection of anywhere, you have an absolutely unbeatable combination.

Without reservation, and after extensive testing on both Vapor King Batteries and USB Passthroughs, as Well as on other compatible batteries including those from V2Cigs and Bloog. I even tried Vapor4Life’s WOW Vapor Cartomizers on diverse and less common setups such as using an adaptor to test their performance on Joye 510 batteries, Joye EGO Batteries as well as some of mY “MOD” E Cigs including the Screwdriver MKII, My Super-T Precise 16340 and my latest and favorite MOD in my collection, the variable voltage PROVARI from Provape. The WOW Vapor Cartomizers performed better than any other in all circumstances, always giving better flovar, nicer vapor and a better kick with increased vapor volume.

I can definitely say that you are sure to love everything about Vapor4Life WOW Vapor Cartomizers, the absolute best range of KR808D-1 compatible Cartomizers on the planet!

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