Which Is The Better E Cig? 510 vs KR808D-1 vs DSE901

The Question I Propose To Answer: Which Is Better: the ever popular 510 E Cigarette ~ DSE-901 or the awesome KR808D-1?

I’ve been vaping for quite a while and have a lot of experience with various brands, so I thought I’d share my opinions about some of the more popular models and how I use them in combination. The main thing for me is flavor and throat hit. I am not so concerned with a strong throat hit, but it does have to be enough for me to feel like I’m smoking. helps with this, but it is not absolutely essential. Another thing that’s important to me is having a system that works well on-the-go because I travel in my job.

That’s why I really like the inexpensive kr808d-1 USB pass-through from V2 Cigs aka Power Cig. I can use it with a variety of adapters and atomizers. I can use it for dripping while I’m on the job. With it's powerful 5v I can use it with 510 Low Resistance Cartomizers or KR808D Cartomizers and get awesome results – the equivalent of using a high voltage mod.

When I’m on the road, I really like the KR808D PCC from Vapor4Life, with KR8 Manual batteries. The cartomizers are high performance, the batteries are great, and I get a great throat hit with this product. I definitely recommend using either Vapor4Life's WOW , which are LR or the new Bloog MaxXFusion Cartomizers which are compatible with my Vapor4Life Vapor King Batteries and perform ahead of anything else out there I have tried so far, they are also relatively low resistance (2.6) – especially if you get the blanks and full them with your own e liquid the MaXXFusion Cartomizers are just great.

Here are the main batteries I use (I Will Add Pics To This Post ASAP):

  • 1 x short auto battery (180mAh) from V4L which has a slightly tough draw,
  • 2 x standard size manual battery (280mAh) also from Vapor4Life (Vapor King) which is really good and is a nice balance of size vs capacity.

I like the size on the short KR808D batteries from Vapor4Life, now that they have Short MANUAL batteries (you can get just as good ones from [WPMSHOT key="V2 Cig" url="https://twitter.com/v2ecigcoupon"]s as well) I would personally recommend it as the better performance you get from the Manual Battery is great. I’m looking forward to trying a short manual battery. I think it will suit me just perfectly!

A while back, I got a Yeti 510 with 2 manual batteries and a PCC from altSmoke. I really don’t use the Yeti 510 atomizer too much anymore as I really have swung towards cartomizers (got sick of refilling carts). I do use the Yeti 510 cartomizers though which are pretty awesome, they generally hold a little more liquid than the 808 Cartomizers and the LR 510 Cartomizers have a lower resistance than even the MaxXFusion or WOW Vapor Cartomizers, so they perform great – but you should use them with a passthrough ideally.

I really like the dse901 when it comes to dripping, but I really don’t like the cartridges. I have atomizers from several companies (Totally Wicked, The Sharp Smoker, Dragonfly E Cigs) and they all work well. I have found that if I use the kr808 battery with these instead of the one that comes with them, they work much better.

It’s really a good thing that DSE901 atomizers and kr808D batteries are compatible! When used this way, I get lots of vapor, excellent flavor, and a great throat hit.

In the final analysis, I would say that the best combination is:

  • KR808D-1 PCC (From Vapor4Life or V2 Cigs)
  • Manual KR808D Batteries (The Best Deal Is To Get From Vapor4Life Vapor King Starter Kit)
  • Cartomizers (Both KR808D Cartomizers from Vapor4Life as they have so many flavour options or using 510 Cartomizers from altSmoke
  • 901 Atomizers (Get These In LR Now from DragonFly E Cigs or altSmoke at 10% off!)

….of course for this you will need one little adaptor – the 808d/901 battery to 510, which are easy to get from dragonfly e cig for just a couple of dollars.

So the answer to which is better, the KR808D-1, 510 E Cig or DSE901? In My Opinion ALL of them together!

With all of these on hand, you should be ready to vape using cartomizers or using a drip system (or both) with just one kind of battery – the KR808D whether you get it from Vapor4Life or V2 Cigs. This setup will give you great flexibility and really fantastic vaping combining KR808D, 510 Cartomizers and if you like 901 Atomizers!



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