Vapor4Life Vapor King Diamond Series Auto Battery Standard KR808D-1 Automatic Review

Vapor4Life Vapor King Diamond Series Auto Battery Standard KR808D-1 Automatic


vapor4life vapor king kr808d-1 battery

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These batteries have a multifaceted Crystal LED cap for that bejeweled look! They are Auto only and are available in Regular, Shorty, and XL lengths and have a 20 second cutoff.

Vapor King Batteries:
Original VaporKing V4L E Cigarette Batteries:

Batteries provide the power necessary to produce the vapor within the . Vapor4Life Vapor King batteries are lithium ion batteries and therefore are compatible with the KR808D specification. Every single Vapor King E Cigarette battery can be re-charged 200-400 times each one. Many customers would rather own several backup batteries on hand, given that electronic cigarette batteries (just like common batteries) degrade after a while. Vapor4Life gives 2 types of e-cigarette batteries every in 3 sizes (Standard, Short and XL). ‘Automatic’ batteries are activated by puffing (just like a traditional cigarette) and ‘Manual’ batteries, which have a small button on the side to activate the e cigarette. The two operate in the same manner, the choice concerning auto and manual batteries is more of a personal taste. We recommend you try both one auto and one manual battery at any of the 3 available sizes to try each and determine which you like better.


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Vapor4Life Vapor King E Cigarettes - Renowned for consistent quality, the best selection in the market, unbeatable value and extraordinary customer service. Vapor4Life's Vapor King Electronic Cigarette Model is royalty in the field of two-piece e-Cigarettes. They are the premiere e cigarettes for your new smoke free way of life. Referred to as "Vapor King," the Vapor4Life E Cigarette offers unmatched quality, customer support, and massive variety as well as choice with over a hundred and forty different pre-loaded flavor cartomizers in a wide selection of nicotine strengths!


Choosing Vapor4Life Batteries:
There are actually different types and measurements of batteries which can be found by Vapor4Life with the King. There’s two varieties of batteries, the auto and also the manual. And each and every of these types also comes in 3 completely different sizes which are short, regular and also extra long. On top of that 13 distinctive colors are accessible to select per size and type of Vapor King battery. All the Vapor King battery types and sizes of get their special pros and cons.

Vapor4Life Vapor King Batteries – Manual Vs. Automatic

Vapor King Batteries are available in short, regular and also extra long sizes. All these battery sizes can be found in automatic or manual type. The different battery sizes directly connect with the length of time the batteries will hold a charge and thus how long you may use it prior to needing to charge the battery again.

The Vapor King Short battery will last for around 2-3 hours; this in fact depends upon how often you utilize it (this means about 150 puffs). Including the attached cartomizer the length is about similar as the typical traditional cigarette. This makes it super easy and familiar to support and use. The short size though produces a short life of the battery. The PCC (or portable charging case) and extra batteries are highly recommended for this size to ensure you always have a charged battery ready to go.

The third size is the Extra Long Vapor King Battery which incorporates a normal life of 6 hours or more (350-400 puffs). Including the cartomizer the size of the e cigarette could be 5 and a half inches. The main selling point of the Extra Long battery is of course the considerably longer battery life. The Extra Long battery will last practically the whole day and so is ideal for those who don’t want to keep recharging. The XL Manual Battery is my own preferred battery when I enjoy the long battery life and find the length to not be a trouble and in fact somewhat stylish.


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Vapor4Life Vapor King Diamond Series Auto Battery Standard KR808D-1 Automatic Customer Reviews:

I first purchased the auto starter kit with 2 black generic batteries & loved it.(Im a new vaper) Today I received my VK diamond auto battery in purple (which is beautiful!) and my first vape was amazing! I can not believe how much better this battery is!! The draw is so easy and the amount of vapor is incredible! The other 2 batteries I had to suck a little harder to get the vapor and then didnt get alot of vapor.(even with the wow carts) I compared my new purple battery with the generic black one, using the same cart, and the difference is huge! I will definately be ordering more of the diamond auto batteries & use the old ones as a back up. Thank you for an awesome product V4L!

I love VPL! But these batteries have not impressed me. I purchased 3 of these on January 21st and waited to give a review until now just to give the batteries some “break in time”. Johnny Depp Electronic Cigarette

At first they did not seem to last as long which is why I waited to review. Now they seem to last a little longer than at first but not as long as the other models. One of the three that I bought quit working about 2 weeks ago so that didn’t help my rating of the diamond series either. Maybe it’s just a fluke but I still think the other batteries are better.

Received two. One did not work straight out of the package. The other worked for less than 24 hours.

I just received 2 of these yesterday and have already had to charge both of them 2 times each. They don’t seem to last long.

I love these new batteries, I just got them today one metalic red with blue spark and the other pink with pink spark. My pink one is recharging but I am smoking the red now and its vapes great, good job V4L!

I have 3 of these…red/white LED, blue/blue LED and purple/purple LED. All of them work so well I’ve stopped using my regular batteries from V4L. The best part is I haven’t seen these offered by other companies so they are as unique as they are beautiful!!

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