Vapor King XL Extra Long Battery Manual KR808D-1 Battery Review

Vapor King XL Extra Long Battery Manual KR808D-1 Battery


vapor4life vapor king kr808d-1 battery

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Vapor King XL Extra Long Battery Manual KR808D-1 Battery Description

New Style with 10-13 second cutoff

Vapor King Batteries:
Original Vapor King -

Batteries provide the power necessary to create the vapor within the Vapor King Ecigarette. batteries are actually lithium ion batteries and they are compatible with the KR808D specification. Each Vapor King E Cigarette battery may be re-charged 200-400 times each one. The majority of consumers would prefer to have a number of back up batteries on hand, since electronic cigarette batteries (like all batteries) degrade over time. Vapor4Life gives 2 types of e-cigarette batteries every in 3 sizes (Standard, Short and XL). ‘Automatic’ batteries are turned on through puffing (just like a traditional cigarette) and ‘Manual’ batteries, that have a tiny button on its side to activate the e-cigarette. They perform similarly, the selection between auto or manual batteries might be more of a private taste. It’s our recommendation that first time e-cigarette consumers try out both.


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Vapor4Life Vapor King E Cigarettes - Anybody who understands anything regarding e cigarettes, is aware that Vapor4Life and the 'Original Vapor King' E Cigarette product line is actually a reliable and high-quality product, with world-class support. That is why just one in each and every 1000 purchases is returned - the lowest rate in the market. The Vapor King 2-Piece e cigarette works with a 'cartomizer' re-fill that makes it simple to pick from a broad selection of flavours and nicotine strengths. With a far broader range than every other brand, there are over one hundred sixty flavours of refill cartomizers to the Vapor King E Cigarette. V4L have been in the vaping industry long enough to earn loyalty and respect from their very own customers base as well as the industry as a whole - choosing to purchase from Vapor4Life will never be a let-down. Especially for first time vapers the additional value provided by Vapor4Life is definitely difficult to locate in another place, particularly with their Vapor King .


Choosing Vapor4Life Batteries:
To have an e cigarette that operates similarly to a typical cigarette, there is the Vapor King auto battery. Simply attach a cartomizer to the end on the battery and you may drag and exhale as you would with traditional cigarette. Whenever you take a breath there is a pressure sensitive switch inside the battery that’s activated. For new users our recommendation is to apply the auto battery as this is much like smoking a day-to-day cigarette.

Vapor4Life offers for Vapor King the manual battery sort to all sizes. Utilizing a Vapor King manual battery the e cigarette is activated by the small button that’s situated on the side with the battery. Contrary to the automated, the user must push the button to activate the e cigarette. Pertaining to manual batteries, the cartomizer is definitely warmed up faster and also the vapor is available immediately. That is its primary advantage. For there is at times a need to initially perform a quick “primer puff”. This is a fast 1-2 seconds puff that starts the cartomizer to warm up. This does not need to be done with manual batteries. Generally manual batteries are inclined to make a much more intense vapor with a lot more control available at the manual button and frequently are generally the top choice of e-cigarette users soon after a little bit of experience with vaping.

It would be best to try both the manual and auto batteries to be able to see what type that suits you. In my opinion, I like the manual batteries given that they warm-up faster and create a lot more satisfying and extreme vapor. There really are a great number of individuals though who prefer the easy to operate auto batteries. There’s really no wrong or right choice needed here, without a doubt most users like to have at least one of every kind on hand. The option between the two has a lot more to do with individual preference.

Vapor4Life Vapor King Batteries – Battery Size

Vapor King Batteries appear in short, regular as well as extra long sizes. All these battery sizes also come in automatic or perhaps manual type. The different battery sizes directly relate to the length of time the batteries holds a charge and thus how long you can make use of it just before needing to charge the battery again.

The battery life for a regular Vapor King Battery is approximately 3-5 hours dependent on again on how often you utilize it (typically this equates to about 250 puffs). The height and width of the usual battery is about those of the 120 traditional cigarette. There is a nice balance here involving the life of the battery and also the overall electronic cigarette length. This is the best battery size for somebody who doesn’t want something that is just too long but at the same time prefers avoiding the requirement to recharge as often. Two fully charged normal Vapor King batteries per day could possibly be acceptable for many e cigarette users.

My own idea would be to see whether you like the manual or the auto battery by getting one of each if you order your initial starter kit. As all people have their own unique preferences, a lot of avid Vapor4Life customers have discovered that trying a variety of the available battery types and sizes is the greatest approach to determine their own preference. It’s also often good to get different sizes to target different vaping occasions or situations.


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