The Top Cartomizer Brands

The Best 6 Cartomizer Electronic Cigarette Brands On The Market Today

A cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge in one unit. Sometimes referred to as a heating element, the atomizer heats up the solution in the cartridge, turning it into vapour. The part of the device, which contains the nicotine solution, situated where the filter would be on a normal cigarette, is the cartridge. It’s composed of propylene glycol (or sometimes glycerin), nicotine in varying concentrations and flavoring.

Almost all the bigger name E-Cigarette brands on the market today sell “Cartomizer-Based” or “2-Piece” electronic cigarettes, and produce their own cartomizers. Though these different models are generally similar, each definitely have their unique characteristics and qualities.

Among the crowd however emerge 6 top models whose 2-Piece electronic cigarettes, starter kits and cartomizers stand out as the most exceptional. The list include Green Smoke, The Safe Cig, Vapor King by Vapor4life, the Deluxe by South Beach Smoke, the eSmoke Sensation and most recent to join the list is the new entry into the top ranks by Bloog, the MaxXFusion E Cigarette.

Green Smoke Cartomizer

Probably the most famous of them all due to extensive marketing efforts, the Green Smoke does in fact live up to the recognition for being an exceptional with great Cartomizer technology that has recently been improved on with more potent and satisfying flavors and a much wider selection of nicotine strengths. The green smoke cartomizer comes in 4 colours, Green, Orange, Coffee, and White. Each of these cartomizers can produce on average 200-300 puffs with great vapour. However, if the battery is fully charged, it can produce up to 300-350 puffs.  They have very prompt delivery (generally about 3-5 days and occassionally even faster).

The size of this cartomizer is 110 mm in length and 9.2 mm in diameter.  The Cartridges are sealed by aluminium foil, which makes the guarantee period longer and the cartomizer healthier. The Green Smoke cartomizer promises freedom from tar, CO2, foul cigarette breath, yellow teeth, ashtrays and burn holes

The Safe Cig Cartomizer

This cartomizer style is comparable to the Green Smoke design, but The Safe Cig has the male adapter item on the refill cartridge and due to this, they claim the ability to place a larger refill in each and every cartridge so that every single cartridge lasts longer. Actually, each cartridge is equivalent to about two packs of conventional tobacco cigarettes.

The Safe Cig is only offered in 3 flavors since their aim is to closely mimic the offerings of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Thus, the Safe Cig cartomizer gives the user the appearance, feel and taste of a true cigarette – and in terms of authentic experience is the number one brand on the market.  The Safe Cig also stands behind their product, offering a 30-day fulfilment guarantee plus a life time warranty on their e-cigarette.

Vapor4Life Vapor King WOW Vapor Cartomizers

Vapor4Life prides itself with having the largest and best tasting selection of cartomizers available.  Right now they have over 120 of the best flavor from a wide selection of tobacco and menthol flavors, fruit flavors like blueberry and watermelon, to dessert flavors like White Chocolate Strawberry and Butterscotch. The flavors, colours and strength can be combined and personalized to achieve perfection.

The Original Vapor King cartomizers, in particular their stellar Low Resistance KR808D Compatible Cartomizers, produce an amazingly thick cloud of vapour, which feels similar to cigarette smoke both when inhaled and exhaled. The cartomizer is manufactured to the highest quality standards, and has been extensively optimized to produce the most vapour, with the best flavors, and most satisfying throat hit. The WOW work on any brand of KR808D compatible electronic cigarette and I consider to be the best on the market for these model electronic cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Model Cartomizer

South Beach Smoke is another name that has carved a name for itself in the cartomizer segment. What sets the cartomizer apart from the competition is the personal touch that has gone into its design. In addition to each one having a fresh atomizer, it is color-coded to indicate flavor and also has a printed number indicating nicotine strength.

The brand offers two cigarette options, which include the Premium Electronic Cigarette and the Deluxe Electronic Cigarette. South Beach Smoke has all the same nicotine strengths like most Electronic Cigarette companies, which range from 0mg to 18mg, Flavors include Menthol, Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla. South Beach Smoke’s warranty is a cut above the rest with their “Perfection Guarantee”. They guarantee that your product will reach your doorstep in perfect condition. In addition they offer a lifetime replacement warranty too.

eSmoke Sensation Cartomizers

eSmoke is a seriously great electronic cigarette supplier whose flagship product, the eSmoke Sensation, uses the same phenomenal next generation Cartomizer and Battery technology the powers Green Smoke and the South Beach Smoke Deluxe. They also offer more affordable options to start vaping with the absolute best in 2-Piece Electronic Cigarette technology even on a tighter budget and add additional batteries and accessories as you can afford them.

eSmoke offer a disposable version of their eSmoke sensation for just $16.95! eSmoke takes pride in being a USA supplier and rather than outsource everything like most suppliers do. eSmoke assembles and does most of the labour and quality testing work for their products in the USA. They also have the largest selection of refill cartomizers, sell their own e liquid line and have a wider product selection than most companies on this list.

Bloog MaxXFusion Cartomizers

The MaxXFusion cartomizers are made with the newest advances in cartomizer design and manufacturing. When compared with various other cartomizer e-cigs, MaxXFusion produces far more vapor per puff, plus more puffs for each cartomizer! The automation within the MaxXFusion manufacturing process eliminates inconsistencies in some other products having more and more over or under filled cartomizers.

Thorough screening in the course of the manufacturing process has removed dud cartomizers, and – in contrast to competitors – the MaxXFustion cartomizer design protects the cartomizer’s interior filler through becoming scorched or burnt during everyday use from the heating coil (a concern users are actually voicing for some time).  These internal material improvements lengthen the useful potential life of each MaxXFusion Cartomizer significantly, and a new easy-refill cap makes Bloog’s MaxXFusion KR808D compatible cartomizers the best product on the market for those who like to refill their cartomizer for multiple use.







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