No7 E Cigarette M401 Cartomizers

The globally respected No.7 Premium E-Cigarette Brand is well know for it’s high-end and quality R&D that produces the very best products in the electronic cigarette industry. Yet again they have provided the very best Personal E-Cigarette Charging Case on the market today that solves all of the previous customer dissatisfaction of the “other brand” […] Read more »

Vapor4Life Vapor King WOW Cartomizers

The Original Vapor King Electronic Cigarettes and WOW Vapor Refill Cartomizers: Vapor4Life’s Premier Electronic Cigarette Is Sweeping The Market With Its Industry-Unique Array of Options In order to garner the sort of attention that makes an electronic cigarette stand out among an incredible 300 some odd brands which have emerged in an extremely short time, […] Read more »

Smokeless Image Review VOLT Electronic Cigarette

Smokeless Image Review: The Volt E Cigarette Provides the Perfect Balance of Simplicity and Cutting Edge Performance   It is early days yet for the Smokeless Image E-Cigarette (a model with the catchy moniker of the 'VOLT'), and yet if the graceful yet very brisk growth the company has been experiencing in recent months – […] Read more »

The Top Cartomizer Brands

The Best 6 Cartomizer Electronic Cigarette Brands On The Market Today A cartomizer is an atomizer and cartridge in one unit. Sometimes referred to as a heating element, the atomizer heats up the solution in the cartridge, turning it into vapour. The part of the device, which contains the nicotine solution, situated where the filter […] Read more »

SmokeStik Cartomizer Starter Kits

SMOKESTIK CARTOMIZER SmokeStik had their research department devote months to produce a ground-breaking device that would change the usual atomizer and cartridge setup used by electronic cigarettes – SmokeStike brand e-cigarettes all use a customized variation of the 4081 / m601 Cartomizer – though it has been significantly improved and refined, on the outside and […] Read more »

Bloog MaxxFusion

The New Bloog MaxXFusion Electronic Cigarette is gaining popularity rapidly The Bloog MaxXFusion E Cigarette has differentiated itself as unique in the electronic cigarette market. The MaxXFusion sets itself apart rasing the bar for 2-piece, ‘Cartomizer’ based electronic cigarettes across the entire industry. The Bloog MaxXFusion is a revolutionary new product. Bloog’s New MaxXFusion E […] Read more »

V2 Cigs

In Your Search for The Best Elctronic Cigarette, [WPMSHOT key="V2 Cig" url=""]s is One Name That Will Definitely Come to Mind   APRIL 2012 Major V2 Cigs Update – V2 Cigs Turns V3?! Yes V2 Cigs just moments ago just pushed the GO button on their highly anticipated new website… there are major improvements […] Read more »

E Smoke Sensation

The eSmoke Sensation brand one of the best selling Cartomizer based E-cigarette models available. The eSmoke Sensation is the suppliers top end model electric cigarette, and uses the same E9 Cartomizer and battery technology as does Green Smoke, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe and AmeriSmoke – thus it is cross compatible with the cartomizers and […] Read more »