Bloog MaxxFusion

The New Bloog MaxXFusion Electronic Cigarette is gaining popularity rapidly

The Bloog MaxXFusion has differentiated itself as unique in the market. The MaxXFusion sets itself apart rasing the bar for 2-piece, ‘Cartomizer’ based electronic cigarettes across the entire industry. The Bloog MaxXFusion is a revolutionary new product.

Bloog’s New MaxXFusion E Cigarette is generating a huge amount of enthusiasm surpassing all expectations.

bloog maxxfusion long battery with kr808d maxxfusion cartomizerI recently purchased the New Bloog MaxXFusion a few days ago and I am amazed by all of the improvements which have been made.  It seems that every electronic cigarette brand hypes itself up as the best in the world nowadays but they rarely live up to their outrageous exclamations.  Although the release of the new Bloog MaxXFusion Electrnoic Cigarette is the lone exception where I can say without exaggeration that this product lives up to the claims made and also in fact surpasses them.  A testament to this is that the MaxXFusion Starter Kit offered at is selling out.  If you can find one in stock I would snag it immediately so you are not left out.

The Bloog MaxXFusion Electronic Cigarette raises the bar on 2-Piece E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette technolgu is improving at an exponential pace.  New innovations such as Cartomizers, Manual Bateries, LR Atomizers and the new Tankomizers are creating new standards for quality and performance.  While the Bloog MaxXFusion may appear similar at first glance as it is compatible with past models (with KR88D-1 specififactions) the many improvements qualify it as something ore then just an upgrade.

Bloog MaxxFusion Trifecta BatteryI choose to review the Basic MaxXFusion Starter Kit (which comes with only one battery, along with a both a standard wall outlet and USB charger  – as well as 5 ‘REDS’ Flavor Cartomizers, similar to Marlboro, and a nice velvet battery pouch).  I fully experience my bare-bones kit I also purchased some extra cartomizers in watermelon flavor which is my favorite RY4 and I also snagged one more battery from their “Fusionn Showcase” which I felt was exceedingly cool and advanced.  This is because it offers 3-In-1 technology that is an industry first.  It has the ability to act as a USB Passthrough with both a ‘manual’ and ‘automatic’ battery.  The TRIFECTA electronic cigarette brother totes itself as being the most versatile on the market so I just had to find out for myself.


The First Puff That The Bloog MaxXFusion Electronic Cigarette let me know it was in a league of its own

Bloog MaxxFusion Cartomizers
Finally the day came when my Bloog MaxXFusion Starter Kit arrived along with my other vaping products to review.  It did not take long for me to realize that Bloog had met and exceeded all of my already high expectations.  The improvements were apparent as soon as I opened the box.  I could see the higher quality manufacturing standards, improved feel of the batteries and the easy to remove top-cap on the cartomizers, making refills quick and easy.  I was able to plug my Bloog Trifecta battery via it’s USB Passthrough cable into my desktop to try it out while waiting for the normal battery to charge so I did not have to wait.  I was surprised at how smooth and pleasing the ‘draw’ from the vapor was.

This though does not really do the Bloog MaxXFusion justice.  While many other lower caliber e-cigs do not deliver enough vapor to satisfy this is not a problem with this new product.  The Bloog MaXFusion product line is separated from the rest due to an array of many small improvements across the board in which the net effect is a superior smoking experience which cannot be matched.  The sum of these improvements is greater than its parts creating an overall nicer experience which other electronic cigarettes simple are unable to provide.

Bloog MaxxFusion Kit 3 batteries KR808D

What Are These Improvements which make the Bloog MaxXFusion E Cigarette superior to the competition?

The first improvement which I noticed are that both the red regular MaxXFusion Battery from the Starter Kit and the black ‘Bloog Trifecta’ multifunction battery  are made to higher production quality standards than anything that came before them.  The Trifecta also posseses a soft rubber feel which is much nice then the previous hard plastic on all KR808D manual battery variations I have encountered until now.

Bloog’s Overhauled MaxXFusion is perhaps one Of The Most Significant Leaps Forward In Capacity Ever Seen – Along with the increased capacity these batteries are now also smarter than previous models.  These batteries are tested extensively and it is highly unlikely that the end consumer will ever receive a lemon.

Concluding Thoughts On The Trail blazing Bloog MaxXFusion E Cigarette

Bloog MaxxFusion Portable Charging CaseIt is clear that Bloog has achieved something amazing with their new MaxXFusion e cigarette. The success of the product boils down to many advancements in just about every category (both major and minor). Everything from the improved tactile feel of the new, higher capacity, more responsive batteries to the incredible new MaxXFusion Cartomizers, which are the easiest to refill of any brand and feature dramatic technological and design improvements.

The result of what must have been an intensive redesign process is nothing short of a milestone in the evolution of electronic cigarettes. The Bloog MaxXFusion offers the closest experience to a traditional tobacco cigarette to thus far emerge from the world of vaping.

I highly suggest you try the new MaxXFusion, you’ll agree It’s the best electronic cigarette you have ever tried or it’s free! Bloog offers a full 30 day guarantee that allows you to return your Bloog MaxXFusion Starter kit within 30 days for a full product refund. To top it all off, there is an exclusive 10% Instant Bloog Coupon Code to save you money on this incredible new e cigarette model.


Just enter the code ‘EVAPETEN’ on checkout and you’ll enjoy a significant savings on the Bloog MaxXFusion E Cigarette.

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  1. Wow, sounds nice! Aside from the “trifecta” passthrough, it sounds EXACTLY like Prime Vapor’s battery and cartomizer. I recently tried their starter kit. I was amazed by the quality of the batteries and the tons of vapor. Sounds like Bloog is moving in the right direction.